July 18, 2016 : Monday, Bloody Monday


Well, it’s the start of another week again, time to put that party dress back in the closet and be a good ‘girl’…for a few days, at least. Just because some weekends are more painful to part from than others, doesn’t mean the week has to suck. So, to make the start of your week suck infinitely less, we here at the Purple Lemonade Collective have dedicated our Monday’s to serving you some fresh, *and I mean fresh* tracks for you.

So much great music came out this week! I mean, who doesn’t love new M.I.A.? The girl is a legend, and her new single is fire. Things only get more dance-driven from there before tailing off for a little bit; just so you can catch your breath.

Anyway, please enjoy this playlist we have created. It’s a great blend of genres and styles that will help you get over the Monday blues and keep you on your feet until the weekend comes back around. Have a great week, friends. Until next time! -Braidon

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