August 22, 2016 Just Touched Down In Londontown

Last week was busy for us; we had some major projects release, hit some behind the scenes milestones, and added on some new momentum for the next quarter. Now we don’t know about you, but we are still riding the wave from the “Scent of a Dream” campaign, featuring Kate Moss, and over the crazy amount of support Ron Gatsby, our art/creative director here at The Purple Lemonade, has received for his work and contributions to the project.

So, we find it only fitting, that this Monday’s playlist had to be inspired by some of our favorite (and greatest) bands to come out of London. With the countless amount of inspirational and revolutionary artists, like The Beatles, to Bowie, to The Clash, to Radiohead, we had a splendid time compiling this sampling of that London sound to kick off your week and to appropriately carry on the celebrations of our more recent successes. -Mollie



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