Aisha Francis: Confidence is Key

A couple weeks ago we published our thoughts on the #nomakeupmovement via Alicia Keys…with everything going on in the world today, it is crazy to us that this topic is still going viral as controversial. We are, however, enthusiastic about the media outlets that have been praising Ms. Keys and supporting the simple idea; that people should feel comfortable in their own skin and have the freedom to choose how they go out in this world. Why is it challenging for many women to find and embody confidence in their lives? Is it the constant messages that we see around us? Is it the lack of positivity that we spread as women? Are we listening to the voices that boost our self-esteem or the voices that hurt us? (SO MANY QUESTIONS, AND I NEED ANSWERS!!!) One thing I do know is that there is a long list of women succeeding at being confident…So, the PLC is here, today, on one of our favorite days of the week (#WCW), to shout out another woman out there inspiring US to shine.

Confidence: Trust and self-assurance in one’s own abilities or qualities. 

Think of an artist that embodies the word “confident”. What traits does this artist embody? Style? Grace? Boldness?

Building confidence requires changing our mindset. Cut out all the thoughts/voices that aren’t helpful and take out a piece of paper to jot down the qualities that you already embody as a person (like, literally…do this right now)…whether it be based on your looks, (curvy, athletic, edgy, feminine, butch, etc.) or your personality (nice, giving, loyal, etc.)– jot down those qualities! Secondly, remember that WE ARE ALL UNIQUE. No cliche here; it’s the truth. We each bring something different to the table. We were created in a special way to bring uniqueness into this world. This is a gift! Can you imagine if we all presented the same traits and characteristics? Frankly, that would be BORING!!! Confidence is a word and a concept, but it won’t impact your life unless you believe in it, so start turning your traits (you know, the ones you wrote down) into statements and say them out loud even if you don’t believe in them yet: “I AM BEAUTIFUL. I AM UNIQUE. I BRING CONFIDENCE INTO MY WORK!” A set of affirmations said daily, that will start to create a world you never knew you lived in.

In honor of #WCW, I would love to profess my love to the ever so sexy, Aisha Francis. From her impressive credentials to the way she struts and moves in her heels, she is what I strive to be when I perform on stage or when I just want to confidently walk down a street. *cue hair blowing in the wind* Aisha works as a professional dancer, choreographer, and movement coach who has worked with top artists such as Beyonce, Rihanna, Kelly Rowland…the list goes on. Her main goal is to work with people in boosting their confidence as a performer and teach them how to maximize their potential by helping people create a movement that works for them. Take some time to study this woman; her words, her movements, her overall energy and desire to make a change for the better (peep the videos below!) and you will understand the power she has and controls. Aisha took her experiences and grew to learn that her passion was teaching women how to be “fierce” all day, every day. UGH! How can you NOT love this woman? I mean, not only is she a badass in heels, but she spreads positive energy and the love, too?! #goals.

If you are figuring out how to embody confidence in your work, change your mindset. Who are YOU trying to be? What qualities do you bring to the table? Hone in on your uniqueness and embrace it. Be okay with experimenting, and listen to the voices that inspire you and push you to that next level; you got this!

It takes being inspired and inspiring to get through this cruel world; surround yourselves with people who bring out those qualities you jotted down earlier and those who bring out new ones you never realized existed. Life is too short to live it hiding behind a shield of doubt. Cheer your peers on. Give compliments to not only others but yourself! We want to dedicate this article to all the women working on building a strong foundation deep within your soul and to all the confident women [artists] that are out there killing the game in their own unique way. We see you! -Zsa Mae

Watch. Share. Love. Become obsessed; like us.

‘What I wish they told me’ is a workshop that teaches dancers how to perform, dance with proper lines and expression and the overall ins and out of the dance industry.

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