PL at Work: BTS of Charlotte Tilbury’s Scent of a Dream Shoot

We love to see the members of our collective out working and making moves.  This time around our Artistic Director/Choreographer Ron Gatsby takes with him to work on the set of Charlotte Tilbury’s Scent of A Dream commercial.

It couldn’t have been more surreal; it was one of the most magical moments I have ever experienced. It’s was a Spring night in the English Countryside and we were all pretty exhausted from a long day. Nathan had filmed most of his scenes and the dancers had performed the number for what imagine felt like the billionth time. I was casually having an espresso martini with Leah Tilbury having taught the dancers an entirely new set of choreography to sort out a tricky aerial shot that had not gone according to plan the day before. It was right before the last shot of the night, and we were all running on fumes. However, we still had the main dance number to shoot so we needed everyone’s energy. Nathan calls me over and says, “I need you to get some energy flowing through here,”

He starts blasting Beyonce – I start freestyling – the dancers follow and soon we are all putting on a show! Charlotte Tilbury is the standing with Kate Moss #NBD and the production crew. There was such vibrant energy flowing through the space you couldn’t help but feel electrified. It was just the sort of magical moment that happens when you’re in Charlotte Tilbury’s world; everything’s just a bit more ethereal  – Ron Gatsby Asst. Choreographer



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