Honey! How these models do it, I will never know…This Doll needed rest after a week in New York for fashion week. Meanwhile, the models are well on their way to London then Milan for the next round of shows! At any rate, fashion week was glorious, and the energy in NYC right now is the living heartbeat of what I hope gets fresh blood flowing throughout the States…Here is a recap of my top five not-so-basic moments from #NYFWincluding extremely basic hashtags to understand my feelings, because nowadays, that’s how people express themselves, right? 

No. 5: Yeezy Season 4

Okay, please don’t hate on the fact the models were fainting because Ye’ had them in parkas, in 90-degree weather; that’s global warming (it’s a real thing). I love the fact that Mr. West presented a beautiful collection of timeless basics; there were knit bodysuits, coats lined with fur and shearling, and nude EVERYTHING. There were pieces that would have slayed 30 years ago and still slay today. Were there any single standout pieces? Not really. However, there are going to be times when you remember that you bought that nude turtleneck body suit and that it’s the perfect piece to highlight a sleek, sexy look and you’ll think to yourself, “#YeezyTaughtMe“…

No. 4: Rodarte

Kate and Laura Mulleavy gave us clean magical, romantic silhouettes. The show evoked memories of Springtime combined with a casual floral beauty. It’s lived on a fascinating intersection of innocence, eternal youth, and flora. Where the sisters excelled was in making the collection just as rebellious as demure…#HereForIt #SpringtimeRealness


No. 3: Eating Emotions (chased by sound) Film Debut

Surely by now, you know we have a soft spot in our hearts for any features that bring it back to the Town. Even more when it’s my brother, Nathan Mitchell, and even more than that when yours truly worked on this project with him. This dazzling piece was choreographed by Nathan in collaboration with Director Phillip Lopez for McQ. The piece debuted during fashion week following the installation hosted by Document Journal. The film features an original composition by musical savant Dutch E Germ, as well as the breathtaking Sonoya Mizuno. Best part…IT WAS FILMED IN SEATTLE! #206Love #SeattleRepping

No. 2: Mark Jacobs

The Gawd himself gave us a futuristic, funky glimpse into our soon-to-be reality. It was a fusion of subliminal inspiration (listen to the soundtrack playing in the background of the show) that met at a disco-dancehall, dipped in candy kid rave perfection…It was a perfect mix of powerful silhouettes and whimsical archetypes of power and androgyny. Muck like Ariel, it had me feeling like I needed to be #PartOfThatWorld #GivingMeLife #YesGawd

All 10 minutes of the full show are well worth the view. It’s quite literally jam packed with fashion and inspiration.

No. 1: Eating Emotions (chased by sound) Installation

McQ and Document Journal presented an evening curated by Nathan Mitchell at The New Museum…for ALL of the #OMG moments of NYFW, this personally takes the cake as the clear winner. For the simple fact that I WAS AT NEW YORK FASHION WEEKWORKING ON (ANOTHERPROJECT FOR MCQUEEN (#CanYouHearMeNow???)

I had the amazing opportunity of collaborating again with Nathan on a project for McQ; alongside a stellar cast of artists. We created an immersive  sensory installation, fusing visual art, live instrumentation, dance and most intriguing …SMELL! As a kid that used to sketch designs with my cousin (love you, Tati!) and dreamed of working in fashion, nothing was more amazing to me than being in the New York City Pulse. We have had an absolutely wonderful year at the Lemonade Stand and this will definitely be one of the standout moments. -Ron Gatsby

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