October 03, 2016: A Seat at the (Royal) Table

Days are shorter and it’s starting to get dark super early, which naturally slows people down and leaves little motivation to get up and live. One cure for The PLC is turning on some tunes in the evening, getting lost in the darkness, but finding your way out with just enough time to get inspired to do something bright. So, here we are this fine Monday evening, publishing our newest playlist for you to get into before your energy dies down with the sun; there’s still a lot of time left in the day to conquer more!

While we can’t stop listening to what is the heat of Solange, we are still committing ourselves to Fall with some Terror Jr. and Benny Benassi remixes…and eagerly awaiting The Weeknd’s new album. Keep the new tunes playing, the internal sunshine shining, and vibe out with this weeks Pulp Playlist…And Solange on repeat. -Mollie


•    •    •


We needed to do something a little special for you this week with our “In case you slept on it” feature. While A Seat at the Table is givin’ us every bit of life, one might think Solange’s supreme slayage is new. No GAWD! She been done, did that! So this week’s “In Case You Slept On It” is a playlist curated of only the hottest tracks by Solo, that you may have missed.

In Case You Slept On It Playlist: Intro to Solange

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