Taming of the Schai: Part I

In a loft somewhere in the hills of a newly renowned “smart city” lives a girl surrounded by the most beautiful art, fashion, and a world of imagination. She is a strong and creative female that dances to the beat of her own drum. She is untamable but remains humble, yet still desired for all the things others are not.
Inspired by the 2016 Fall/Winter trends and William Shakespeare’s ”The Taming of the Shrew”, we took Seattle’s most talented artists and created a story – a story that a lot of us can relate to or are inspired to relate to: living a life unthreatened by complacency. Being a unique, genuine, and an unapologetic bad-a$$; or what we like to call the “Modern Day Shrew.” Welcome to her world.

Garments– Schai by Suk Schai // Interior Design by Michelle Dirkse // Photography by Erin Lodi.

The Purple Lemonade creative team: Fashion Editor– Kristen Puckhaber // Model– Emma Alexander // Makeup- Marvia Jones // Hair– Matthew Lawrence // Shoot Assistant– Ron Gatsby.

Plume Oblong Skirt in “Ghianda Plush”, Vita Snoods, and Crescent Shirt by Schai. Boots by Report.

Pillows designed by Michelle Dirkse; fabricated locally. Antique and vintage furniture re-designed by Michelle Dirkse. Art by Dale Lindman.

Kandan Dress and belt (used as a choker) by Schai. Gloves- provided by the stylist.

Pillows designed by Michelle Dirkse; fabricated locally. Antique and vintage furniture re-designed by Michelle Dirkse. Cut-Paper-Glue art by Joey Bates.

Victoire Belted Blazer & Cuffed Slim Trouser by Schai. Gloves & shoes- provided by stylist.

Pillows designed by Michelle Dirkse; fabricated locally. Antique and vintage furniture re-designed by Michelle Dirkse. Cut-Paper-Glue art by Joey Bates.

Lunar Crossover Jumpsuit, Trenchcoat and infinity scarf by Schai. Gloves and shoes- provided by stylist.

Sculptures by Troy Gua.

Lunar Crossover Jumpsuit and Victoire Belted Blazer (belt used as choker) by Schai. Gloves, shoes, & beanie- provided by stylist.

Black Velvet French Settee re-designed by Michelle Dirkse. #ThreatToComplacency Neon sign designed by Michelle Dirkse and Kevin Cox; fabricated by Western Neon. Art by Dale Lindman.

Crescent leather shirt, Vita Snoods, and Plume Oblong Skirt in Italian wool/cashmere “Captain Plaid” by Schai. Shoes- provided by stylist.

Antique Amoire from Michelle Dirkse.


Shot on location at Michelle Dirkse Interior Design and Boutique: 1321 E Pine St, Seattle, WA 98122.

All photography and editing by Erin Lodi at www.erinlodiphotography.com.

As mentioned in Part I of our Fall campaign, Taming of the Schai, I was inspired by the lead character, Katherine, from William Shakespeare’s, The Taming of the Shrew.

…”Like many other of Shakespeare’s comedies, The Taming of the Shrew features a woman as one of the story’s chief protagonists. Katherine Minola is a fiery, spirited woman, and as such, the male-dominated world around her doesn’t quite know what to do with her”…

I loved the idea of blending those characteristic traits with her personal style and fashion; someone that likes to step out of the box, but also follows trends and forecasts to be that protagonist figure. The gorgeous garments and interior design only add that much more spark to her fiery personality and we see it more now, in Part II of “Taming of the Schai”. -Puck

Garments– Schai by Suk Schai // Interior Design by Michelle Dirkse // Videography by Ryan Kam.

The Purple Lemonade creative team: Fashion Editor– Kristen Puckhaber // Model– Emma Alexander // Makeup- Marvia Jones // Hair– Matthew Lawrence // Shoot Assistant– Ron Gatsby.

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