Taming of the Schai: Part II

As mentioned in Part I of our Fall campaign, Taming of the Schai, I was inspired by the lead character, Katherine, from William Shakespeare’s, The Taming of the Shrew.

…”Like many other of Shakespeare’s comedies, The Taming of the Shrew features a woman as one of the story’s chief protagonists. Katherine Minola is a fiery, spirited woman, and as such, the male-dominated world around her doesn’t quite know what to do with her”…

I loved the idea of using those character traits of Kate to blend the story of style and fashion for our lead character; someone that naturally steps out of the box, but also follows trends and forecasts to be that protagonist figure. The gorgeous garments and interior design only add that much more spark and support of her fiery personality and we get to see more of that now in Part II of “Taming of the Schai”. -Puck

Garments– Schai by Suk Schai // Interior Design by Michelle Dirkse // Film Directed by Ryan Kam.

The Purple Lemonade creative team: Fashion Editor– Kristen Puckhaber // Model– Emma Alexander // Makeup- Marvia Jones // Hair– Matthew Lawrence // Shoot Assistant– Ron Gatsby.

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