Supreme Beings of Gender: The Inspiration Behind Purple St. Laurent




Supreme Beings of Gender: The Inspiration Behind Purple St. Laurent

Purple St. Laurent is more than just a fashion performance; it’s a vibrant display of style & funk. It’s a celebration of timeless elegance and self-expression. There’s an intense beauty in someone who teases between gender constructs. The idea has nothing to do with sexual preference; instead, it has everything to do with existing as a supreme being, in which both masculine and feminine energies are free to take various forms of creation. Yves St. Laurent beautifully expressed this concept throughout his career, particularly with Le Smoking Suit. I was inspired by YSL and other designers like Rad Hourani  and Spencer Badu while working on our latest piece.

I wanted to choreograph an environment where performers felt free in exploring their individual aesthetic on gender expression. Fashion provides a perfect medium in which to operate. However, STYLE is in the execution. Therefore, styling for this piece wasn’t just about choosing garments that emulated a look; it was about using fashion to make a statement on individuality. Completely liberated from gender norm sensibilities. I sense we are in a beautiful time of history where we can again relish exploring these concepts without taboo. It’s a brilliant chance for an artist to create without restriction; being as alluring and charismatic as one dares to be. We don’t intend on wasting this opportunity; neither should you. – Ron Gatsby

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Watch The Purple Lemonade debut of Purple St. Laurent and other live performances, hot DJs, and the artistry of some of the Pacific Northwest’s most talented performers this Saturday, 11/5/16, at the Seattle Art Museum. Join us for the art, stay for the public runway and entry to the special exhibition “Yves Saint Laurent: The Perfection of Style”.

A night of high style that puts QTPOC communities in the central spotlight. Legendary Children is luxe, transgressive, and totally FREE. RSVP requested.

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