November 11, 2016: Healing Vibes and House Cleaning

It’s very rare that I bring politics into my creative endeavors however at this point I feel my hand is forced. It would be irresponsible and dishonest not to. I can’t profess to know all the reasons anyone votes for anyone. I believe that people vote in a way to ensure that their families, loved ones, and their communities are happy, healthy, and prosperous; I can respect that.  As a nation, I know it stings to learn the dust we thought we cleared up long ago, was in reality just swept under a rug. We would like to imagine that we’ve moved beyond many of the issues this election has kicked up, but it appears we still have some house cleaning to do. This unique Pulp Playlist is some house cleaning music created to help us get to work and back to love. -Ron Gatsby

The Purple Lemonade Collective is made up of members with varying beliefs and points of view. But one thing that we can ALL agree on is that this country in particular and this world, in general, needs a lot of healing – regardless of whatever label divides us.

Today we honor those Veterans that have served this country; many of which have given their lives so that EVERYONE can enjoy the freedom to live a life according to their values and definition of happiness. Let’s not have their sacrifices be diminished by our inability to look at each other with respect and most importantly LOVE.


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