Becoming Legendary

What Becomes A Legend Most

“To be Legendary is like their goals it feels good to them – it’s like winning an Oscar”
– Paris Is Burning

For years Blackglama  (This ain’t an endorsement. Don’t come for me PETA) has run the campaign tagline “What Becomes A Legend Most”. The ads have featured many legendary icons such Bette Davis, Leontyne Price, Elizabeth Taylor, and Janet Jackson among other notable figures. Janet most certainly knows what it means to be legendary. She is an artist without peer; always pushing boundaries on social and gender norms. However, before she was the smoldering sex siren of the 2000’s, she was the voice of social justice in the late 80’s and early 90’s. Her visibility as a woman of color giving a voice to the marginalized was especially reflected in her hugely successful 1989 Rhythm Nation LP. Janet was already a successful artist at that point, but what solidified her as legendary, was her ability to use her art as a way to educate and inspire.

This past weekend we gathered together for Seattle Public Library’s Legendary Children Event at Seattle Art Museum. It was a dazzling display of QTPOC artist doing their part to make their voices heard in our community through performance art. In the spirit of Ms. Jackson and so many other artists, PNW artist used their work not only to entertain but to also expose, educate and inspire.


As artists, our work has the ability to spark conversation through creativity. Legendary artists aren’t just great at creating; they’re great at inspiring others to be great. In being the most realized versions of themselves, they remind us that we also have this ability. When legendary artists make statements we listen because we understand there is a level of authenticity and sincerity in their expressions. It’s one thing to display your talent, but using your gift in a way that elevates your community is the ultimate expression of a true artist. So today we say cheers to all of the Legendary Children, artists, icons, and innovators that are inspiring us to grow in pursuit of our own respective legendary statuses – 10s across the honey, 10s across the board!. – Ron Gatsby

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