RUMTUM: More than Music & Mora Tuga

“I got to a point where I had to be able to joke around with myself. I noticed when I smiled and laughed they could tell I was happy creating, and they would enjoy it even more.”

John Hastings, known professionally as RUMTUM, is a natural artist. Ask him what his ideal creative environment would be, and he’d tell you it’s a barn. He’ll explain that this type of space would be ideal for producing music, visual art, and… furniture. The last bit through me for a loop, as well, however, it so superbly fits the narrative of an artist vividly exploring the broad scope of their abilities with brilliant dexterity.

Q. Describe a typical day for RUMTUM.

A. I’m running a visual art business, working part time at great new wood shop downtown and playing shows or recording new music for RUMTUM. Technically I have three jobs at the moment so scheduling time and keeping things in order is very important, staying busy with projects and having different outlets keeps my work fresh. On my days off I’ve been collecting rare synths, instruments, and vinyl or enjoying the outdoors in Colorado.

Q. You’re an artist that utilizes multiple mediums, With doing so much, how are you able to find projects that allow you to use your full arsenal?

A. I listen to vinyl while I work on visual art so can I subconsciously gain inspiration for music but other than that, I actually enjoy keeping my projects separated, it’s how I keep my output high and steady. Each medium has a particular treatment mentally which allows my mind to keep things compartmentalized, It’s more of a Japanese style of working. 

Q.Top two inspirations NOT in your industry?

A. The outdoors and architecture

Q. Who are your top two inspirations in your industry?

A. It changes from day to day, I listen to a wide range music and I’m always looking for rare vinyl that I’ve never heard of, so I guess it’s more about what’s not my top inspiration. I believe in listening to all kinds of music and letting influence in from every angle so this question is almost impossible for me to answer. 

His Latest LPMora Tuga is an exultant opus of musical artistry; it’s flush with original futuristic samples and harmonies and layered to build a full-bodied sound that can only be characterized as a pure blend of nature, technology, and sound.

Released in collaboration with Seattle specialty label, Wax ThematiqueMora Tuga is a stellar musical experience. It’s a journey into self-discovery with an artist exploring their creativity and enjoying the process of evolving. RUMTUMgave himself two years to develop the LP, even going back to revisit samples and tracks he created five years earlier. “I can’t make art until it does– I don’t think about it too much. I understand that today, I may not create (music) or that today I may need to relax create experiences – become inspired. This allows me to give up anxiety.” 

Q.What is your dream project?

A.To continue in the quest of creating my discography and visual collection, to live out my propose of being an artist and do the best I can.   

if you’ve been following our Pulp Playlist you’ll know that Mora Tuga was definitely one of our favorite records of 2016. We’re extremely excited to get a look into the mind behind the brilliance. We support and salute you in your quest brother. – Ron Gatsby

Follow RUMTUM for more info, and stream the Mora Tuga LP here

Click here to cop the vinyl

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