Self Care Resolution

As artists, it is essential to be in tune with your body, mind, and soul; this is how one can create the best work. Whether you create during the process of connecting or in celebration of reaching a desired point in life, it is all relative and a beautiful process. We are always taking “inventory” in our lives and taking note of what we can work on as individuals, and what better time than now (the start of a new year) to gather what is important, to us, to create the best work of our lives.

We asked different members of the collective what they wanted to focus on most in 2017, and one of the most popular responses was self-care. Clearly 2016 had everyone feeling some type of way, however, it’s amazing to see that most people saw the value in taking ownership of what they’ll need to be happier and a more fulfilled artist in 2017. Because the concept of self-care is going to be different for everyone, we asked each member of the PLC to describe what it means to them; we hope sharing some of our goals will inspire you to think about your own self-care journey this year.

photos by Erin Lodi Photography

I plan to celebrate and show gratitude for my friends, family, and myself every single day. I also plan to dance a whole lot!  -Tracey Wong, PL Choreographer/Dancer and Director of Malicious Allure

Let go of what kills you and hold on to what keeps you breathing.  -Gerri Michelle Pascual, PL Dancer & Graphic Designer

I plan on taking more time to myself and continue focusing on personal growth. She’s being selfish. Lol!  –Keelan “Android Allure” Johnson, PL Choreographer/Dancer and Director of Malicious Allure

I will continue to wake up early and devote my morning to myself by writing in a gratitude journal and doing some meditation. I will also challenge my thoughts and ask myself if my thoughts are helpful vs not helpful.  -Zsa Baysa, PL Choreographer/Dancer & Contributing Writer, and Director of Z project

I plan on engaging in more ‘real’ conversations with people. I find that too many people use small talk as ways of getting to know people and small talk is boring and tedious. If my energy is vibing with yours then I truly want to get to know you and I’m gonna ask the questions that are important.  –Marcus Fontenot, PL Dancer & Contributing Writer

I plan to stop spending time/energy on negative thoughts and people–and to let that shit go! I’ll redistribute that energy towards myself, family, and friends.  –Zahra Masaoka, Contributor

I’m finally focusing my energy more selectively so my work can be deeper and richer. I also plan on taking a solo weekend getaway for some self-care. -Sarah Mosher, Costume Designer

I plan to start focusing my energy on saying YES to others this year. 2016 made it so easy to INCUBATE and work on personal growth that my inner circle became SO SMALL. I want to work on expanding my influence this year and OPEN UP to others and make myself more AVAILABLE.  -Alyssa Cyre-Oyodamari, PL Dancer

Just like trimming the ends of my hair for healthy growth, I feel that it is overdue to start trimming away anything that does not serve me or help me grow into a decent, strong, and productive human being.  –Nikiya Dunmore, PLChoreographer, Dancer & Contributing Writer

Pouring into others with positivity and loving energy, and remembering I am what I eat; alive and fruity.  -Sarah Stanger, PLDancer

I plan to integrate yoga into my daily morning routine, even if for only 15 minutes, to help my physical flexibility and to be more thoughtful and intentional about how I spend my day.  -Grant Cabebe, Contributor

My ‘17 goals are definitely on the theme of self-care. Not only physically and mentally but being more aware of others feelings and always seeking to understand. The world is going crazy and true colors are showing and the only way I feel like I can stay healthy in it is to seek to understand. Oh, and give absolutely no fucks at the same time. It’s also the year of NO FEAR! Let’s go.  -Dez Boyd, PL Choreographer & Consultant

For 2017 I plan to take everything I learned from 2016 and apply it right from the beginning. I am going into the year running full force with determination and love. The balance of all things is what I’m striving for. Staying in great health of the mind, body, and soul. -Bianca Jean Kapeliela, PL Director, Choreographer & Dancer

In 2017, I will remember that how I nourish and care for my soul is just as vital as how I nourish and care for my body. I will surround myself only with people who elevate and inspire me and commit my energy only to endeavors that do likewise. Let’s do this!  –Erin Lodi, PL Photographer

My self-care for ‘17 is a novel…it’s about accepting the truths of me and my life. I am 38 and a mother of two. There is no workout that will make me look like anything other than the shell of me. So this year is true to what makes me in this day and life feel best. Whether that is slutty yoga at Core Power and a $12 bottle of water that is infused with trace minerals and rose extract. Whether that is three separate workouts in one day…or smoking pot and staying in my pajamas for the length of the day. I am a creature of habit as well as a junkie for spontaneous adventures. I am just hoping to be a little more forgiving of myself as I am the only one that is placing shame on where I come up short. I am definitely trying to keep up on my mind body soul buzz and just reminding myself that as far as we know we get to live this life once. So wear your dope shit, do your dope shit, and a stay thirsty and thankful.  –Kisha Vaughn, Contributor

We hope this year allows you to take better care of yourself and those you love.  Cheers from the PLC!

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