The Art of Letting Go Pt II: Let Us Lead the Way

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Last week we were focused on letting go of the elements in your life that aren’t producing positive results. It is especially important for artists to be able to release these elements. Clearing out stagnant energy can help bring new life into your creative process and bring you to a place where you can focus on the things that matter most; your art. Because this is easier said than done, we asked various members of the collective to share some of their practices to help with the process of letting go. Let us lead the way…

Zahra Masaoka I like to journal, especially if going through something difficult. Writing down my thoughts and feelings helps me avoid holding on to things and having them build up inside of me.

Natalya Zrazhevskaya I now have an ‘if I could do this day over’ part of my daily notebook. If I have a bad day, I make sure to reflect on WHY so it doesn’t happen again. Same with if I have a great day — I make sure to notice what it was about me or my context that made it great so that I can repeat it tomorrow. Keeps me grounded.

Will Wiersma I definitely use meditation. I take like 5 mins of my day (even in the car or something) to literally breathe. Just counting out breaths and then after meditate and pray for guidance on any difficult decisions I’m having to make.

Gerri-Michelle Pascual Other than writing to myself in a journal, I like going on long runs and leaving all the negativity on the pavement. Also.. ice cream.

Marc Fon One thing I like to do is sit with that emotion. Whether it be disappointed, jealous, anger, loneliness. I find that often times people run the feeling and try to avoid it which comes back around to bite you in the ass. Rather than sitting with it, and going go thru the motions because you come out stronger on the other side.

Justin Williams I like to cook when I’m stressed or upset. From buying the food to prepping, cooking and then producing the final product. It is really rewarding and helps me distress. Also, obviously dance is a big one. I like to take a class or style that is completely foreign to me. Because I can go into class with no expectations for myself or let downs afterward.

Kianna Lewis I mostly let go of anything that deals with the arts… coloring, writing, cooking, dancing or even watching a good ole classic film just to escape from reality for a bit.

Jaret Hughes Listening to music or watching dance/music videos helps me distress.

Alyssa-Cyre Oyadomari Mine is simple…I call my mom! She just knows me so well and she can talk me through my roughest situations in the moment and also follows up with me afterward.

Grace Masaoka When I’m feeling really sad or stressed I listen to one sad song, have a good cry, and then wash my face and get on with my day.

Zsa Baysa As of late, it’s been a lot of aromatherapy, tea, and taking the dance healing class at WDC.

Bianca Jean Kapeliela R&B or soul music is my biggest healer. There is usually one song that is speaking to me at the time, I blast it on repeat until it passes. Or I get out of myself, ask someone how they are or tell someone I love them. After they reply they love me too, I know no matter how big or small the issue, at least I have someone who loves me.

Dez Boyd I clean (to really loud music) and re-assess my space; whether it be reorganizing my workspace, cleaning out the fridge, color coding my yogi tea, or redecorating my house. “they say” creatives have the most cluttered spaces for inspiration; and whether or not that holds true … sometimes that clutter needs to be put back into place, wiped clean and re-arranged to make room for healthy thoughts, more creativity, and room to breathe

We hope you can put some of these practices to work the next time you need to release and revive. If you have any essential practices for letting go of bad energy let us know; we’d love to hear from you!

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