March 07, 2017: The Art of the Paper Chase

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We’re all on some form of paper chase whether we choose to accept it or not. 9-to-5 or otherwise, you have to live somehow. However, when we talk about the paper chase, we aren’t just talking about money; we’re talking about creating options for your life, we’re talking about expanding your resources and connections to allow for greater creative expressions. The art of the paper chase is to use your energy to work on bringing experiences into your life that enable you to express yourself to your fullest potential while laying a foundation for more opportunities.
Deadass tho.

And while we’re on the topic of paper-chasing and creating, there’s a weird idea amongst some, that having art with any sort of commerce connected to it delegitimizes the artistic value. This idea is both ridiculous and extremely limiting. It’s a simple fact that having access to more resources allows for greater possibilities of expression. We’re advocating for paper chasin’ in a way that makes doing what you love sustainable. We’re by no means suggesting money is the most important thing to be focused on, however being a starving artist is cool…until you need to eat. Just sayin’.

The Pulp Playlist for this week focuses on the idea that it’s okay to hustle. It’s okay to seek out connections and network with other like-minded people; pursuing situations that bring more resources to all and take away from none. Whatever you’re working on this week make sure it’s something that’s creating more options for yourself, your family, your community and everything else in your circle of influence. We want you to bump this playlist while you’re on the hustle, making moves while seeing yourself winning. Consider this week’s playlist as the soundtrack as we journey to a new level together. See you at the top.



  • If you’re an artist looking for creative resources in your area, connect with us at Let’s figure it out together.

In Case You Slept On It

Janet — The Velvet Rope

This is without a doubt one of the best albums of all time. This is Janet at best and most flawless.

Current Obsession

Kehlani — SweetSexySavage

In a first EVER! we have had to repeat an album we are obsessed with. This is going down as one of the best records of 2017. It’s’ street-but-sweet vibe is flawlessly executed.

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