Men’s 2017 Spring Trends: The PLC’s Picks  

It seems that Spring is the season that gets the least amount of attention. It’s the time of year that has the most unpredictable weather, because it is stuck between the awkward transition of Winter to Summer; but for those in fashion, Spring is one of the most anticipated seasons of the year, the collaboration of seasonal trends and utility is some what of a dream come true. This Spring, trends in menswear are grabbing our attention at the Lemonade Stand in a major way.

Take a look at our favorites:

Comme des Garcons Homme Plus, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Dries van Noten-


Kicking off our list is the most obvious necessity during Spring time; the raincoat. This is an epitome item for the season stuck between Winter and Summer, and we encourage you to put some thought into your decision when picking the perfect piece. Functionality and style is a hard combo to come across, but with the runways full of options, we know an item that was once so dreaded to purchase will soon become a favorite.

Gucci, Hermes, Alexander McQueen-


Last season we saw a lot of ‘construction worker’ orange in the form of accessories, ie. beanies, caps, backpacks, etc. Another bright, primary color that is heavily seen this season is yellow. Whether your Spring day calls for resort wear or a trench, don’t be afraid to embrace the color of bold and add some yellow in your closet this Spring; it will definitely be a trend seen throughout Summer, as well.

Gucci, MSGM, Christopher Shannon, Off-White-

Graphic Tees

The graphic tee is never going away. It is a forever trend that rotates through style. From band tees to all over prints, a graphic tee creates a voice for the wearer. This season, designers are taking it a step further (by no means a first) with printing messages to make a statement.

“In a society where economic crisis is a harsh reality, the printed message turned clothing into political statements. At Comme des Garcon Plus: “The King is Naked’, MSGM asked probing questions (‘What do you feel?’), Gucci Proclaimed the ‘future’ and Off-White held up a ‘Mirror’ to the spectators.” (Vogue Magazine)

Dries van Noten, Givenchy, Valentino-


Camouflage is often a hit-or-miss style. It is one of the easiest prints to mess up, due to the aggressive nature of the design. Pairing camo with simplistic pieces is not only a safe option, but one of the most ubiquitous trends seen on this seasons’ runways.

Topman, Gucci, Off-White,


Another Spring trend that can be tough to navigate (pun intended), is the nautical aesthetic. It is a simple look that can easily become a disaster, if not properly executed. Think less literal, and more conceptual. Think stripes, cropped pants and blazers; like the effortless, unintentional nautical style of James Dean.

Louis Vuitton, Prada, Givenchy-


Goodbye, briefcase. Hello, backpack.

This Spring, the backpack is one of the most sought after accessories. You will want to invest a good amount of time in researching the perfect backpack, as this is an accessory that will get a lot of use and seen the most. Take yourself back to grade school, when picking out your backpack was the only thing you looked forward to at the start of the year.

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