April 4, 2017: Big Sean, Bigger Business

 Hero Image@2 (25)
Big Sean in Gucci

One of these days we’re going to stop acting like Big Sean ain’t an absolute savage. We’ll stop pretending like his wordplay and delivery isn’t what Drake is secretly listening to, so-much-so that he’s attributed his use of the single word punchline (and arguably times his whole flow) to a style he first clocked from the Detroit rapper. On that day we’ll stop acting like Big Sean doesn’t murder every feature he’s on; Mercy, Castro, All Me, Sanctified, the list goes on. We’ll remember that Sean & Jhene Aiko created a flawless R&B/Hip Hop Duo with their Twenty88 project, proving that well executed joint albums aren’t just for rappers. The fact is, Big Sean is one of the illest, most underrated rappers still doing it right now. At a time when mumble rap has made it so that we can’t even use the term lyricist, for fear of being oxymoronic, Sean continues to have one of the most clever flows; that’s something that shouldn’t be overlooked.

This weeks Pulp Playlist highlights some of our favorite Big Sean tracks and features. It’s safe to say he’s Finally Famous, but a few extra accolades are definitely in order. So in the words of this week’s highlighted artist…“DO IT”


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