You’ve Been Asleep For A While

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 Devonnie Ashara Black shares her latest piece inspired by our new movement composition Persephone.

Let me remind you of the hips that gave birth to your idols and your nations.

The place betwixt my thighs you’ve mistakenly confused for your salvation,

As if its existence is solely for your stimulation.

Let me remind you of how I carried the Moon in my womb

and the Sun in my chest.

Of how I force fed you love, light and life before your first breath.

Embrace this shift towards clarity

I encourage separation from the disparities

all too visible

between your vessel and mentality.

Backs straight, ears open, I need you to feel every move and word spoken.

I am offering you self-discovery

By hijacking your memory and rewriting

Your history.

Take this time to relearn the curves of your spine,

And the strength of your limbs

You’ve been asleep for a while.

You’ve forgotten how to love me,

Or maybe,

The overwhelming pressures of an ungrateful society

Have allowed you to stray from me.

I invite you to shed your fears like the skin of the snakes lurking

in the shallow grasses of your garden.

I implore you to open your heart to match the infinite depths of the ocean.

Remember the hips that gave birth to your heart.

Remember the stomach that bled for your breath.

Remember the shaking hands that secured your mind.

And promised to care for you until death.

The revolution is already being televised

But your rebirth,

that’s happening on the inside.

– Devonnie

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