The Z Project: Release & Revive  

Zsa Realease
Release and Revive debuted at Westlake Dance Center’s Sign of the Times. The piece was choreographed by Seattle choreographer/dancer Zsa Mae during a transitional period in her life; the concept derives from a place of heartache, in learning that change involves letting go. Realizing that life goes on, and remembering to breathe through the process.

However, an important part of that process was not only to release but also to REVIVE. As important as it was for the artist to let go of the elements that weren’t working, it’s equally as important to reanimate those qualities of elements that she draws strength from. In previous conversations, Zsa expressed feeling creatively stifled, having kept her choreography limited to the Hip Hop genre. Although she was releasing the restrictions on her creative process, she was also reviving her love of various forms of dance, allowing those energies to breathe new life into her work. It wasn’t dancing that had to go, but instead the limits she placed on herself within her expression. The performance is meant to be accessible to everyone. She hopes viewers can relate to the feelings presented in this piece and are inspired to release and revive within their own lives.

To see more of Zsa Mae’s work, subscribe to her Vimeo channel here.

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