May 24, 2017: Amnesia

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This Pulp Playlist is based on a true story. It could be my story, your story; I’m pretty sure at some point it’s been a story we’ve all shared (very much Sense 8 teas). Of course we’re bringing you lots of good music this week, but if you listen closely you’ll find there’s a little story behind the mix.

This particular story begins with the sudden amnesia we get when a situation, person or escapade glimmers just bright enough to distract us from our primary focus. All the sudden we forget what we valued the most, what our goals are, what tools we have at our disposal, and what strengths we possess. Sometimes we even forget we don’t constantly need to prove our worth; we’re all we need to be at the moment. Most times the signs are there for us to recognize, especially when they look and feel like situations we’ve been in before. But it’s important to remind ourselves never to walk away from a meal we’ve been painstakingly preparing, for a seat at an unfinished table. #inwhatworld

If we’re really going after a dream or working toward a goal it’s important to remain true to what’s at the core of who we are and what we believe. You know good and well when you’re acting out of character, you also know good and damn well when you’re playing yourself. You’ve been living with yourself for this long, be real with yourself as not to make the same time killing mistakes. Who has time to relearn the same lessons you should know by now? You’re on your grind; mind ya neck and stack your bread! We now return you to your regularly scheduled hustle…already in progress.

Stuff We Love

Buddy Ocean & Montana

Buddy is back and in a major way. His long time collaborator Pharrell sits this one out, however at the wheel/behind the boards is producer extraordinaire Kaytranda. The two serve up a near perfect summer EP. Don’t sleep on Buddy, he’s definitely one to watch.


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