The Wedding of the Century

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For the month of June, we commemorate the Stonewall riots and recognize the impact the LGBTQ community has had on the world; we call this PRIDE MONTH. Throughout the month we have seen celebrations in support of PRIDE, and overall, the growth in knowledge and power has risen, BUT there is still work to be done.


As an arts collective, we take on full responsibility in creating a safe haven for like-minded creatives to explore our art, whilst using platforms to bridge the gap and provide information to those willing to listen and learn. We have been accepted across many communities, but a huge focus for The PLC lies within the LGBTQ community; this is OUR safe haven and WE still have work to do.

To kick off the month of PRIDE, The Purple Lemonade whole heatedly accepted an invitation to perform at a wedding. This was no regular wedding, by any means. Immediately following the inauguration of our current President, the brides decided to expedite their marriage and were wed in a small ceremony in February. Then on June 3, 2017, just as any two people in love (naturally) do, Sirbrina Guerrero and Latay Blankenship celebrated their union with their closest friends and family. We knew this moment would not only be special for us, but also the brides and their guests. We knew that we were lucky to be surrounded by a crowd 100% dedicated towards the success of the brides’ marriage, but also in the support of equal rights. You can take a dance piece and perform the $hit out of it, but to be a collective formulated by just about 50% gay creatives AND get to dance our hearts out at a gay wedding, was quite honestly a dream come true.

photo by Tristyn Rowlan

We wanted to take this time to promote the importance of understanding why we stand tall and with our communities. We wanted to find a way to shed light on a topic that has taken centuries to fight for the same rights that are given to straight people, by sharing just a glimpse of the night we had with one of the most loving couples you could come across. We want to remind ‘you’ that love comes in many forms and to embrace them all. The happiness that is exuded by this group should provide a sense of empathy that we hope makes the people less willing to understand, understand. Please enjoy the video and remember, this month is dedicated to the growth of the LGBTQ community, it is to share this time with those affected by any negativity and to give them the spotlight — for many centuries to come.

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