#DRK4SMMR: Deliciously Dark  

Summer is officially upon on us. Here at the Lemonade Stand, that means more rehearsals, more shows, MORE everything. Although we certainly love busyness Summer brings, we also love some good downtime; even more so when it includes luxuriating with a refreshing beverage while we take in that Vitamin D (preferably somewhere near the water). Since dark everything seems to be the rage this year we’ve decided to title this article #DRK4SMMR or DarkFortheSummer because between people spending copious amounts of money on tanning lotions, the newest candy flavor, or the latest trendy dance style, there is some level of darkness that is being appreciated by everyone during the summer.

Now, onto the drinking part. As a professional bartender and drinker, I have always been very cautious about the liquors I drink. As I get older I realize it’s time to venture into new palette pleasers, because a Long Island Tea just doesn’t do it for when you are trying to have a sensible night out. So what we have below are a few drink favorites and liquors that are grown enough to keep you coasting on a cute buzz all night without having to worry about that ugly hangover in the morning.


Kraken Dark & Stormy

Perfect for day drinking!

Named after the legendary sea monster, this spiced rum provides a rich spicy flavor that compliments the spice of ginger beer to create a well-rounded summer beverage that is not only refreshing but lingers on the tongue.

  • 2.5 ounces of Kraken Black Spiced Rum
  • 3.5 ounces Ginger Beer
  • 2 lime wedges (squeezed)

Sipper (Neat or Rocks)

Jameson Caskmates

Quality at a sensible price

Whiskey is a liquor that I have slowly been getting into as I’ve gotten older and baybeee lemme tell ya! This whiskey is smoother than a fresh Brazilian wax. Many of the whiskeys in the Jameson family tend to have a bite or taste too much like the barrel, but Caskmates has a rich caramel flavor with a slight barrel taste. So if you enjoy Jameson but want something a little more… higher end, this is it.


Beaujolais Villages (Pinot Noir)

This wine is so refreshing for a red wine. If you enjoy a sensible red but feel like it’s not really something for the daytime, then look no further. Beaujolais is a light red with a full flavor that washes smoothly over the palate, with a slight heaviness that lives heavenly on the tongue.


Elysian Space Dust IPA

BTW Goes incredibly well pepperoni pizza!

People who enjoy a fine craft beer will appreciate the flavor and potency of Space Dust. With its piney hop aroma, pleasantly bitter citrus taste, and an ABV of 8.20% this beer is not for the noob beer drinker. Space Dust is a great example of a Pacific Northwest Beer with its golden orange color and slightly creamy finish, and no shortage of hops. Hipsters love it, as do the bougie beer heads. There’s no way to go wrong with this one.

All of these libations, as well as the author of this article, may be found at Madison Pub. And remember to Please Drink Responsibly!

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