Are You In Survival Mode or Thriving ?  

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Ask yourself this question today… “Am I in survival mode or am I thriving?”

Do you tend to live a life based off of “going through the motions”? Do you feel lost? Unbalanced? Do you wake up every morning feeling focused and revived or do you wake up dreading what’s to come and feeling like your “to do” list is never-ending?

Now ask yourself this question — — “Am I living in the present?”

Although we live in a progressive society filled with the latest technologies, gadgets, conveniences, etc., one thing that we lack (or can be better at) is the idea of building connections. Studies prove time and time again that having a connection or a sense of belonging is important in improving your physical and mental health. If you crave to live a life where you feel balanced and find appreciation in your surroundings and in your relationships, I invite you to live your life intentionally. This article will be the first of my many articles that address living intentionally — — from addressing the very basics of becoming aware of our own thoughts and emotions to figuring out what we need to do to get out of a funk.

Many of you know that I am a choreographer and artist in the Seattle dance community. What many of you also don’t know is that my actual 9–5 is working as a mental health counselor… yes, I am the “shrink” that listens to people’s problems and assists them with bettering their mental health to help individuals live life to their best potential. I wanted to share some strategies on how to live intentionally because I have observed that plenty millennials tend to live a life too focused on their future or too focused on their past. To live a fearless life, having a mindset focused on the here and now will help with alleviating the anxieties and fears that tend to keep us up at night.

Here are some strategies to help with that first step of living life intentionally — –

  1. Recognize that life is made of choices. 
    Do you want vanilla ice cream or chocolate ice cream? Feeling indecisive? Worry not! If you dig deep enough, there will always be a preference. As with encountering problems, we have the choice on how to react to these problems. Draft out a pros and cons list and find which solution is the best solution for you. If you find that your solution isn’t working and is causing you more misery, perhaps use this time as an opportunity to explore what are your options… which leads me to my next strategy…
  2. Access your WISE MIND.
    My WHAT?! WISE MIND. This is a common term in dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) which means that people have 2 sides when making decisions — — the emotional mind (which makes decisions based off emotions) and the reasonable mind (which makes decisions based off logical and rational thinking). Any Harry Potter fans out there? Think of your Emotion Mind as Ron Weasley, your Reasonable Mind as Hermione Granger, and your Wise Mind as Harry Potter (HA! NERD ALERT!!). When you marry the two minds, we end up with “wise mind”. Wise mind allows us to soothe our soul and helps us with thinking clearly. Your best decisions are made in wise mind. To access this, you need to be in the right headspace. Take a moment to slow down. Usually your wise mind decision is the decision that continues to feel right even during the following day.
  3. Examine what brings you joy.
    Look at your social circle. Look at your activities. Do your surroundings bring you joy? If your answer is yes, you may be on the right path that is aligned to your passion. If your answer is no, you may want to reevaluate what are some things that you can do to help bring yourself joy. Would it mean reevaluating your surroundings? Would it mean disconnecting yourself from technology for a bit? Would it mean repairing relationships with people?

In order to start living intentionally, it all begins with becoming familiar with your OWN awareness and your OWN preferences. Welcome to Soul Searching 101. Before we can live, we have to make sure that our mind and heart are aligned. I hope to be a resource for those that want to embark on this lifestyle change. Cheers to taking this first step!

** If you would like more tips/strategies addressing certain topics, you may contact me at It is my pleasure to support you during this change.

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