Embrace Your Journey  

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Look back at em. #ItsYourJourney

Your fitness/wellness journey is yours alone. Not anyone else’s. YOURS. Don’t ever forget that.

People will be there supporting you, but you’re the one that has to put in all the work to see the results.

What I’ve learned through competing in a bodybuilding competition was that the judges only see me for a few minutes on stage. They don’t know my journey, they haven’t seen my struggles, and they don’t know what my starting point looked like.

When I competed in April 2016 at the Vancouver Natural Championships in the Bikini category, I was definitely not stage ready. I faced obstacles during my prep that put a lot of stress on me emotionally and physically. In turn, I struggled with my weight loss. My coworkers/friends saw me through from start to finish. They knew what I went through, they saw my struggles, and they saw how hard I worked to stick to my macros and get my workouts in. Although I was not ready to step on stage, I did it anyway. I did it for my friends. They stood by me through it all. They were proud of me. They traveled all that way to the competition venue (about three hours) to see me through the finish line. I am forever grateful for such amazing people.

What I took away from that experience? No one else is going to know every detail of your journey. They may be there for support, but YOU are the one walking this path. Embrace it. Embrace every bump, every hurdle, every step. You got this.

However, if anyone speaks poorly of you, judges you, brings negativity in your space.. turn around and say, “Bye!” You ain’t got time for that. Now… go on and be a badass! 💪🏽😉

*hair flip*

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