The Future of Fall: Women’s A/W ‘17 trends

FW17 Visual
From left to right: Chanel, Comme des Garcon, Y/P Project, Chloe, Chanel, Isabel Murant

As much as we all love the summertime, let’s be honest, Fall fashion is where it’s at. If you happened to “accidentally” miss the major shows this past Spring, we understand you may be clueless as to what you should be adding to your closet this upcoming season…so don’t worry, we got you. Peep our favorite Women’s Fall 2017 trends we plucked from the runways.

Seeing Red

We are going to start the list off with one of the easiest ways to stay on trend; through color. Whether you’re feeling bold or just a little flirty, the go to color this Fall is going to be red. The pops of color seen on the runway and in some of our favorite campaigns, was very inspiring. (Did you know that the color red is associated with courage? Yes, honey!)

Givenchy executes the pop of red in their Fall 2017 Campaign just perfectly.

Belt it

Wide belts for women in fashion have been seen as early as the 1900’s. Since it is no secret that fashion trends recycle through the years, we aren’t surprised to see belts back in rotation- in a big way- this Fall. We are mostly here to remind you to save key pieces because chances are you’re going to see the trend again in your lifetime; it will be worth it! Take a look at the different ways you can style wide belts below. (Winning look is going to be from Roksanda.)


Fishing for Compliments

Another more recent, recycled trend we are going to continue to see in 2017, will be the fishnet stocking. The same ones you wore to Coachella, under your ripped jeans, with your mini skirts…however and wherever, but you’re going to want to change it up and maybe spice up a work fit, pair them with a dress- whether it’s a casual piece or a sensible gown- there are no boundaries, just keep it chic.


Broaden Your Horizons

Stand tall this Fall, because the broader the shoulder, the better. And we aren’t talking about Designing Women shoulder pads broad (although no shade if that’s the route you go), “but from the men. Grandpas, to be exact.” If you’re on the market for a brand new, broad shouldered, grandpa inspired piece, check out Alexander Wang’s selection in his newest collection.

Queen of the Collars

One of the ‘sweetest’ silhouettes on a neckline is the Victorian inspired collar; plain and simple. Although we love ourselves a good [Drake] mock turtleneck, we want you to change your tune this Fall and channel your inner Queen Victoria. See how one of our fave brands, Kenzo, gave range to this specific cut.

 Kenzo’s Fall 2017 F/W show

The Future of Fall

This Fall we are focusing on bringing back favorite trends seen in the past century. Creating your own style will be the tough part; get creative. But what about when the trend is the future? Take it literal with adding silvers to your wardrobe, galactic printed fabrics, take it to the matrix (as also seen in A. Wangs show); basically anything that makes you feel like you’re from another dimension, because, quite honestly- some days it feels that way. #amIright

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