INTENTIONAL LISTENING: Zsa Mae’s “Top 3 Life Changing Podcasts”  

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I don’t know if it’s the hint of cooler weather or the earlier sunsets that we are seeing in the Pacific Northwest, but the seasons are definitely changing and I have been sensing it in the people and the environment around me. There have been many transitions that I’ve witnessed among my social circle. On top of that, I have noticed that given the political and social climate, I have been STRUGGLING to stay grounded and focused. I find myself wanting to engage in a conversation but I know that once I open that door it means that I have to emotionally prepare for being in an emotionally charged dialogue. Knowing me, I constantly feel the need to stay grounded whether it be doing grounding yoga poses in the middle of the day (i.e. mountain pose, tree pose) or holding off on coffee for a day or two.

Another helpful thing I do is listen to a podcast. Some of you have asked if I have suggestions on podcasts that focus on personal development. Well, today is your day as I have my top 3 podcasts that I listen to on a regular basis!

For the perfectionist, I recommend “Confidence On The Go” with Trish Blackwell.

I stumbled across this podcast a couple years ago when I was experiencing some major anxiety and it was starting to affect my personal life and work life. Although the title suggests confidence, Trish Blackwell caters to every topic in the book. She has a strong base of female identified listeners (which she refers to as the “Be More Movement”) and uses her own personal experiences to really enhance her episodes. Her personal story is very inspiring and when I find myself in survival mode, she is the one that encourages me to change my perspective and take action on thriving mode. She is open about her faith and for a nonreligious person like me, she still remains very open and inviting. She is great at addressing the perfectionistic mindset and using her gentle and supportive voice to encourage you to live your life with no fear.

For those craving simplicity and cutting out the fluff, I suggest “The Minimalists Podcast” by The Minimalists.

You may have heard of these two guys (Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus). They are known as The Minimalists and have a documentary on Netflix called “Minimalism: A Documentary About The Important Things”. I recently started getting into this minimalist kick a couple weeks ago and have noticed a change in my mood and a shift in finding happiness in just being simple. Americans are so focused on consumerism that we constantly feel the need to buy things when in reality, buying things and filling our life with too many things really doesn’t end in pure happiness. One lesson that I value from their podcast and documentary is the need to condense our belongings in order to maximize our actual life experiences. Give them a listen and I guarantee that you’d want to live a simpler, happier life.

For those that need to feel grounded amidst the chaos, I suggest “Intention” by Tyson Popplestone.

Okay, so this podcast was also another one that I stumbled upon by accident. I just searched for intentional podcasts and he was one of the top ones. Tyson Popplestone has an accent and he’s from Australia and it is adorable to listen to his accent (plus he’s kinda hot… haha). He invites others on to his podcast and addresses a number of topics such as productivity, anxiety, intentional traveling… the list goes on. Here is the description of his podcast “Intention is a weekly podcast that looks at how to create space for the things we really value, in a world obsessed with busy.” UGH!!! I love that so much. Busy does not always mean productive. AMEN!!

I hope you enjoy these podcasts. I will be adding another article on book suggestions in the near future but also feel really excited about an upcoming article that I will be working on that focuses on minimalism and traveling! I hope the rest of August treats you well and I will see you all in September!

** For our readers, I would love to hear your comments/feedback (even a simple hello if you’re so inclined). If you would like more tips/strategies/engage in a conversation, please email me at  – Zsa Mae


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