Fall into a Skincare Regimen: Must Haves for the Changing of Seasons

My favorite accessory to any Fall trend is, without a doubt, good skin care regimen. Sudden changes in weather can wreak havoc on your skin. Developing a good skincare system for yourself is not only a great way to protect your skin, but it’s also a great way to take a few moments out of your day to do something good for yourself.

Aside from the suggested daily water intake, there are only a few other steps that I believe are necessary for healthy skin care and that needn’t break the bank, either. Here are a few, inexpensive, must have’s, that I live by for the Fall.


This simple, sensible cleaner is THEE one! Don’t believe me? Ask Pharrell, who was quoted as attributing his youthful glow to Cetaphil and cold water; a tip he picked up from Miss Naomi Campbell. Cetaphil is great for all skin types and is an absolute must for keeping your skin clean without drying it out, as the weather starts to chill.

(Available at most stores where skin care is sold.)


For those of you in the know, toner is great for removing excess oil and makeup residue, but what you might not know is that toner can also help reduce pores, and to remove mineral deposits and chlorine that are unknowingly present in tap water. I discovered Kiehl’s Ultra Facial toner at an airport shop en route to China three years ago, and I have sworn by it ever since.

(Available at Kiehl’s retail stores)


There is not enough that I can say about how much I love a good moisturizing mask! No matter what your skin care needs require, trust and believe, there’s a mask out there for you. Some of my favorites come from The Face Shop (they currently do not deliver to the US, however, they do have a brick and mortar shop in NYC) and more readily available brands for you at Sephora stores. I love face mask sheets because they are an inexpensive way to treat and pamper yourself after a long day. The effectiveness of the mask goes beyond the ingredients, I also think the act of using the mask gives me a moment to unwind and center. It’s like a quick 10 minute jaunt to the spa.

•    •    •

As mentioned, I believe a healthy, skin care regimen goes deeper than the outer layers. Whether you work a 9-5 job or late night shifts at the club, everyone needs that alone time to take care of not only your largest organ, but the shield that protects you from all forms of weather. Let it be from a wind storm, to that annoying boss, please make sure you are taking care of you; in doing so, you will find that extra strength and push you need to live a positive lifestyle– while looking good at the same time. -Ron Gatsby

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