I Dream of Janet

Always remember success might not come right away, we don’t always get instant gratification. If it’s something you truly love and want to do, stick with!

–  Pat O’Mahony – Choreographer/Sound Designer 


unnamed (1)

Pat (back right) with Janet performing at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards.


As a dancer there’re certain jobs that you dream about booking; most certainly at the top of that list is dancing for Janet Jackson. Let’s be honest, booking ANY paid work for a dancer is a blessing, but dancing for Janet is something completely different. It’s a mark of excellence and distinction that only a select few dancers ever get to experience. During the LA stop of her critically acclaimed State of the World Tour, Ms. Jackson surprised the audience by bringing out every dancer from every one of her show-stopping tours, for a mind-blowing performance of Ryhtmn Nation.  As several generations of performers gathered the stage, I have no doubt that many of them watched their predecessors and dreamt of one day sharing the stage with The Icon. Such legendary performances are a testament to not only Janet’s legacy as a performer but also to her long-running status as a beacon of excellence that many dancers aspire to. We are beyond excited to celebrate PL Choreographer/Sound Designer Patrick O’Mahony on his recent performance with the legendary icon, and even happier to see him turn his dreams into reality.

ICYMI check out our brother performing with Janet at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards.


  • Fun Fact – Our brother Nathan Mitchell worked as Assoc. Creative Director for the performance

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