I Dream of Janet

Always remember success might not come right away, we don’t always get instant gratification. If it’s something you truly love and want to do, stick with! –  Pat O’Mahony – Choreographer/Sound Designer      As a dancer there’re certain jobs that you dream about booking; most certainly at the top of

Tyler the Creator: Steady Bloomin

It’s no secret to anyone that I love Tyler the Creator. As “problematic” as some say he is, I respect anyone that’s willing to be themselves enough to carefully (and brilliantly) construct their own box as opposed to fitting in one. Add to the fact that not only is he

Style Staples: The Classic Timberland

Some pieces will forever be iconic in fashion. The classic wheat Timberland is one of them. Whether your style plays on a masculine, feminine (or both), street or chic silhouette, a sensible classic ‘Timbaland’ will always serve you well. …”Everyone from builders to bartenders, from musicians to photographers wear this

AKI: Episode 2

The Summer of 2017 will definitely be a memorable season for those in the arts community. The city was full of art; the PNB’s Sculptured Dance, The Seattle Repertory’s production of The Odyssey, and even the Pacific Science Centers’, Terracotta Warriors, was found to be one of the top exhibits

A Rebel With a Clue: Men’s A/W ‘17 Trends

  Prada, Fendi, Balenciaga, Louis Vuitton Fashion and nostalgia go hand-in-hand. Am I right? If you’re reading this, we are guessing you have lived enough to see the rinse and repeat of trends. In many ways, that is what makes fashion exciting; to see how the new generation will modify a

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