About Us


The Purple Lemonade Collective is an artist group based out of Seattle, WA. Our objective is to create art that educates, inspires, and entertains. As a collective, we believe that every artist should have the means and a platform to present their work. We draw together our resources to ensure every artist can develop their craft to its fullest potential and create more avenues for expression. Every project on our site is produced, directed and presented by a member of the collective. The PLC includes choreographers, dancers, models, stylists, graphic designers, videographers, and music producers working together to make art accessible to our communities whether they’re across the street or around the globe.

In addition to our individual creative projects, the PLC is also a fully functioning multimedia company, with the resources to fulfill (most) production needs. Our specialty is content creation for businesses and public figures that starts by helping them discover their unique creative process. We’ve worked with a broad range of collaborators from athletes to fashion houses, helping them develop brand recognition through artistic expression.

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