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A look at some of the sources and flavors that inspire the Purple Lemonade.

Tyler the Creator: Steady Bloomin

It’s no secret to anyone that I love Tyler the Creator. As “problematic” as some say he is, I respect anyone that’s willing to be themselves enough to carefully (and brilliantly) construct their own box as opposed to fitting in one. Add to the fact that not only is he

Model Melanin: Pioneering the Past & Present  

I was thrilled to see the amount of melanin that sashayed and served down Marc Jacobs FW17 show. So much black, brown, and butterscotch (as my friend Dani would say)giving me life during a time when the method is usually to hire two high-profile models of color (Jourdan Dunn or

RUMTUM: More than Music & Mora Tuga

“I got to a point where I had to be able to joke around with myself. I noticed when I smiled and laughed they could tell I was happy creating, and they would enjoy it even more.” John Hastings, known professionally as RUMTUM, is a natural artist. Ask him what his

Becoming Legendary

What Becomes A Legend Most “To be Legendary is like their goals it feels good to them – it’s like winning an Oscar” – Paris Is Burning For years Blackglama  (This ain’t an endorsement. Don’t come for me PETA) has run the campaign tagline “What Becomes A Legend Most”. The ads have featured many

Supreme Beings of Gender: The Inspiration Behind Purple St. Laurent

      Supreme Beings of Gender: The Inspiration Behind Purple St. Laurent Purple St. Laurent is more than just a fashion performance; it’s a vibrant display of style & funk. It’s a celebration of timeless elegance and self-expression. There’s an intense beauty in someone who teases between gender constructs.

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