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August 1, 2017: Celebrating Jamaican Independence  

HAPPY JAMAICAN EMANCIPATION DAY! The land that I love will be celebrating 55 years of independence from the British Commonwealth on August 6th and today marks the precursor to that victorious day 55 years ago. I love everything about my culture, the food especially. Dancehall Music has a special place

May 24, 2017: Amnesia

This Pulp Playlist is based on a true story. It could be my story, your story; I’m pretty sure at some point it’s been a story we’ve all shared (very much Sense 8 teas). Of course we’re bringing you lots of good music this week, but if you listen closely

April 4, 2017: Big Sean, Bigger Business

  Big Sean in Gucci One of these days we’re going to stop acting like Big Sean ain’t an absolute savage. We’ll stop pretending like his wordplay and delivery isn’t what Drake is secretly listening to, so-much-so that he’s attributed his use of the single word punchline (and arguably times his

March 28, 2017: Dangerous Liaisons

Dangerous Liaisons is a story of sensuality, seduction, and schemes. Forget love triangles, we’re talking about love octagons and power plays. Initially set as a play in 1782 by Pierre Cholderlos de Lacios, the story was adapted into the 1988 film of the same name; winning 3 of its 7 Oscar

March 14, 2017: Paradise

I need you to feel. We’ll return to Paradise. This shit fades away. — Gatsby   I chose “Two Fish and an Elephant” as my Paradise song because this song immediately frees my mind of all the stressors in the world and all the bad sh*t happening around me. It makes me realize

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