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Style Staples: The Classic Timberland

Some pieces will forever be iconic in fashion. The classic wheat Timberland is one of them. Whether your style plays on a masculine, feminine (or both), street or chic silhouette, a sensible classic ‘Timbaland’ will always serve you well. …”Everyone from builders to bartenders, from musicians to photographers wear this

Men’s 2017 Spring Trends: The PLC’s Picks  

It seems that Spring is the season that gets the least amount of attention. It’s the time of year that has the most unpredictable weather, because it is stuck between the awkward transition of Winter to Summer; but for those in fashion, Spring is one of the most anticipated seasons


Honey! How these models do it, I will never know…This Doll needed rest after a week in New York for fashion week. Meanwhile, the models are well on their way to London then Milan for the next round of shows! At any rate, fashion week was glorious, and the energy

Bond of Brotherhood

The goal of The Purple Lemonade Collective is simple; support the arts community by providing a platform for our company members to create and grow as artists. You will see us performing as a team at shows, but it goes beyond that. We strive to push our artists, as individuals,

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